KilimArt Studio

The creative workshop Kilimart-studio ethno-design is a constellation of talented and very different people, which are united by one, but fiery passion – creativity, one way or another associated with weaving, with kilimarstvo, with the creation of unique items and accessories in the style of “kilim”. Carpet weaving, or kilimarstvo, making by hand on vintage looms of lint-free carpets made of natural sheep wool is a work so long-established that it is difficult to establish when and where it originated. However, this ancient tradition still continues in different parts of the Earth. Our workshop is located in the picturesque Carpathian region, where the art of weaving, embroidery, pottery and woodcarving has long been developed. The goal and dream of our studio is to revive, preserve, and spread this amazing culture of weaving, we create unique handmade carpets, and now this warm and bright wool story can become part of your life. Join now!

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