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Soft, watercolor, and extremely romantic carpet from autumn collection. Pastel color range of greenish pink-ashy shades and burgundy contrast creates a dynamic feeling of watercolor air transparency in autumn. Intentionally simplified pattern gives this Kilim a modern look, although its geometry is based on traditional principles.

It can become a cherry on a cake in a romantic modern house design. The carpet will give some warmth and feeling that everything was man-made, especially in interiors with a prevalence of white color, as well as in “Provance” styled ones.

Size 136×200, natural wool.


We are KilimArt – a small art studio in the Carpathian region of Ukraine, which produces unique author-designed lint-free carpets. Our carpets (Kilims) are woven from natural sheep wool by hand using old wooden looms, using the exact same technology as our ancestors did many years ago. All of our products are produced in very limited series, and even when somebody requests a replication – it can never be the same for 100%.

While sticking to the authentic patterns we always try to come up with new ideas. That’s why we currently develop two types of patterns – traditional and modern, which will allow you to choose a kilim that suits your interior best. Carpet can be used either as a decorative solution on the wall, or used as a floor covering.

All of our products are made only from natural wool, which means that it will last a lot longer than synthetic ones. But it also means that you will have to care about carpet a bit more. You will have to keep the room dry and clean, and the carpet itself should be cleaned using “dry cleaning” method.

The size of the kilim is determined by the width of the working part of a weaving machine, and therefore can’t be more than 140cm in width, and 2.5m in length. Weight of the kilim is usually somewhere between 3-3.5kg, and it varies depending on size and the thickness of a thread. Colored threads are dyed both on factory and handmade using durable wool-specific German dyes. Our carpets don’t lose color or shed because of that.

Environment-friendly manufacturing process and natural composition of our carpets corresponds to the moods and goals of people, who are willing to surround themselves with healthy, beautiful and original items.


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