Kilim Green from the Nature collection, size 140×200 cm, natural color palette, kilim is woven from high-quality Mountain Carpathian sheep yarn, ornamental restrained, attracts with its natural simplicity, quality, versatility, at the same time answers all questions of modern trends in the interior.

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Our lint-free kilims are a unique author’s work, the result of the creativity of a small art studio in the Carpathian region. Kilims are woven of natural sheep’s wool by hand, on old wooden looms, just like our ancestors did. Kilims are produced in very limited editions and are never exactly the same, even when repeated to order. Two directions in the design of the pattern are being developed – traditional and modern, this allows you to choose a kilim for any interior. Kilim can be both a decorative wall solution and directly used as a floor covering. Since it is more difficult to care for a product made of natural wool than for a synthetic one (in our case, it is “dry cleaning”), it is desirable that the room is dry and clean. The size of the kilim is determined by the width of the working part of the machine, therefore it cannot be more than 140 cm in width, and in length up to 2.5 m. The weight varies from the quality of the thread and the size, about 3-3.5 kg. Colored threads are dyed both factory and by hand, with durable German special dyes for wool. From this they do not shed, which suffers from old kilims with a fragile color. The ecological and natural composition and appearance of our kilims correspond to the moods and desires of people who want to live surrounded by healthy, beautiful and original things.

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions12 x 140 cm


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